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Choosing the right consulting company to handle your sensitive and high-stake investigations is a big decision. It can cost you the case or can put you in a position of leverage. Our roots are in Cyber Security Investigations but, through Client demand and our continued success in delivering the best results, we now provide proven expertise in Financial and Corporate Investigations.

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We protect our Clients during times of uncertainty by finding the right answers and guiding them to the best possible outcomes.
When risk demands action, LCG will be the first option, every time.
To honor God by being faithful servants to our employees, their families and our Clients while respecting the trust they place in us.

Why Choose LCG Discovery Experts?

It’s simple – choose us for our TEAM. You will have a single point of contact and a designated expert on your matter, but you also get the benefit of our entire TEAM and our collective expertise. That’s thousands of major criminal and civil cases and hundreds of hours of testimony in matters involving cyber forensics, fraud, theft, white collar crime, government investigations and felony level criminal allegations. What’s more, we are not a big bloated consulting firm. Rather, we get more done with a whole lot less.

The Value of A Multi-Faceted Investigations Firm

Most people interact with electronic devices in some way. That means they leave evidence behind that proves or disproves their participation in some alleged activity, whether it is fraud, data theft, harassment or other misconduct. We will find that evidence and present it to you better than anyone else. No matter the issue or it’s complexity, we have the talent ready to assist you and we would be honored to have that opportunity.