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Are you looking for an experienced computer forensics investigator? With the rise of cybercrime, digital forensics experts are in high demand. A computer forensics investigator is a specialist who uses technology and investigative techniques to identify, collect and store evidence from electronic devices. Law enforcement or other organizations can use this evidence to investigate criminal cases.

Computer forensics investigators have expertise in collecting and preserving digital evidence, such as data from computers, cell phones, social media accounts, cloud computing systems, and other digital sources. They also have experience with forensic analysis, incident response, and expert testimony. In addition to these skills, they must understand the chain of custody procedures and be able to provide expert witness services when needed.

Computer Investigations Experts

When it comes to computer investigations, you need an experienced expert who understands the complexities of digital forensics. A good computer forensics specialist will have experience with data recovery, forensic examination, and electronic discovery. They should also be familiar with deleted data recovery techniques and know how to handle the chain of custody procedures for electronic evidence properly.

In addition to their technical skills, a good computer forensic analyst should also know the legal aspects of their work. For example, they should understand how to present their findings in court and provide expert testimony when necessary. Finally, they should be familiar with current laws related to electronic data collection and preservation to ensure that all evidence is collected legally and ethically.

Advanced Computer Forensics Services
Advanced Computer Forensics Services

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics involves the investigation of digital devices, such as computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. Computer forensics consists of collecting data from these devices, analyzing it, and preserving it for use as evidence in a legal case.

Why is Computer Forensics Important?

Computer forensics is essential because it allows investigators to uncover valuable evidence that may be critical to a legal case. Computer forensics has become a vital tool for criminal investigations and civil litigation with the increased use of electronic devices and the internet.

Advanced Computer Forensics Services
Advanced Computer Forensics Services

The LCG Computer Forensics Process

Computer forensics involves several steps: identification, preservation, analysis, and reporting. The identification phase consists of identifying and locating electronic devices containing relevant data. The preservation phase involves collecting and preserving the data forensically soundly to ensure evidence in court.
The analysis phase examines the data to identify relevant information, such as email messages, documents, or images. The reporting phase involves creating a report summarizing the investigation’s findings and providing recommendations for further action.

Tools and Techniques Used in Computer Forensics

LCG uses several tools and techniques in our computer forensics services, including specialized software and hardware tools. These tools allow investigators to access and analyze data on electronic devices without altering or damaging the data. Techniques used in computer forensics include data recovery, file carving, and steganography analysis.

Advanced Computer Forensics Services
Advanced Computer Forensics Services

Why Choose LCG Computer Forensics Company

In conclusion, computer forensics is crucial in modern-day investigations and litigation. It involves collecting, analyzing, and preserving electronic data from digital devices. The process of computer forensics involves several steps, including identification, preservation, analysis, and reporting. LCG Discovery Experts uses specialized tools and techniques to provide our clients with the most thorough and accurate investigations possible.

Computer Forensics Services

With our experience and expertise, we can provide you with reliable computer forensics services. You can trust our computer and digital forensics experts with the following forensics services:

Detailed Forensic/Expert Reports
LCG provides the most meticulous documentation in which all information regarding data points, recovered information and analyses are conducted following a scientifically sound process. Depending on the needs of our clients, these reports may also include expert opinions to assist you in making your case. Our experts have each written hundreds of expert reports in both criminal and civil matters. Only law enforcement agencies employ as many individuals with this level of experience drafting expert reports!
Expert Witness Testimony
Our digital forensics team consists of forensic experts with local, state and federal testimony experience and can provide expert testimony in the form of written documents (e.g. affidavits, declarations) and sworn verbal testimony to assist the judge or jury in rendering a just verdict.
Remote Acquisitions
It is not always the case that a computer forensics investigator has the ability to be on site. LCG has developed techniques and tactics to conduct forensically sound remote acquisitions of various data sources to limit disruption of your business and engage in more discreet collection if/when required.
Deleted Data Recovery
LCG utilizes state of the art forensic hardware and software to identify and recover data that had been “deleted” by the user. Whether our client is an individual who accidentally deleted their important work folder or an attorney looking to prove intentional spoliation of evidence, our experts can skillfully recover data that was once “lost.”
Secure Forensic destruction
Secure Forensic destruction is a conclusive computer forensics service that we provide whereby we permanently and irrevocably delete all data so that it cannot be recovered or retrieved in any form.

LCG’s Computer Forensics

Our team of computer forensics investigators and experts has over 100 years of experience conducting criminal and civil investigations involving technology. Our methods and tools are thoroughly tested before being applied to yield a comprehensible identification and presentation of data to you or any other party involved in each case, such as law enforcement, judge, or jury.

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LCG Computer Forensics FAQ

Is computer forensics and digital forensics the same?
Computer forensics and digital forensics are frequently used as interchangeable terms to mean the same thing: an investigation or analysis of data contained within computer and other data storage devices or locations. .
How much do computer forensic investigations typically cost?
The cost of computer forensics services can range in pricing and rates. Naturally, this type of service covers various tasks, and pricing is estimated according to the volume of work, hours required, tools utilized, etc. . Further, the task’s level of complexity can also influence the overall cost. It is the job of the forensics company, however, to work closely with the client to ensure focus efforts to ensure they are as efficient as possible to avoid runaway costs and “scope creep.”
What does a computer forensic specialist do?
A computer forensic specialist is responsible for recovering data from any device or other data storage medium and conducting a variety of analyses across that data with the goal of answering questions, identifying evidence, etc. This is not done arbitrarily; a rigid chain of custody needs to be followed so that any digital evidence retrieved is admissible in court if ultimately required.
What Is Expert Consulting?

Expert consulting is engaging an expert’s services in a particular field to provide guidance and advice. In computer forensics, expert consulting involves having a specialized investigator review the evidence and give a professional opinion on resolving the case. Expert consultants can also provide guidance on best practices for collecting and preserving digital evidence for future investigation. By engaging the services of an experienced investigator, organizations can ensure that their studies follow proper procedures, which will result in reliable evidence during court proceedings or other legal actions.

What are Computer forensics examinations?
Computer forensics examinations are specialized investigations involving sophisticated techniques to uncover evidence from digital devices. These examinations employ techniques such as forensic imaging, keyword searching, and data carving to reveal hidden or deleted data that may be useful in solving a case. For example, computer forensics examinations can investigate criminal activity, corporate espionage, or other misconduct involving computers or electronic devices. Through careful analysis of computer forensic evidence, investigators can piece together incidents and build a solid case against perpetrators.
What Are Onsite Acquisitions?

Onsite acquisitions refer to collecting and preserving evidence from digital devices onsite. Allowing computer forensics investigators to access data without removing the device from its original environment, ensuring that all evidence is collected accurately. In computer forensics, onsite acquisitions involve using specialized tools to capture volatile and nonvolatile memory, collect data from external or internal storage devices, and preserve system information such as registry keys or password hashes. Onsite acquisitions are physical and virtual environments, depending on the nature of the case.

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