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Many issues facing corporations today create serious financial and legal concerns, such as compromised trade secrets, theft, fraud or employee misconduct in various forms.  LCG  is the premier cyber investigations firm and we combine our technical expertise with the knowledge and experience of experienced corporate investigators to give our Clients the most efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive results for the most challenging issues.

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Companies Reflect Real-World Issues

Not all issues are technical in nature, but that doesn’t mean you need less skill to handle them. To the contrary, investigating corporate executives and other employees, handling a company’s most sensitive matters, managing informants and conducting interviews or interrogations is a highly skilled process that demands the discipline and tactfulness that comes with experience.

LCG provides an objective perspective on sensitive internal matters by removing the inherent bias of existing relationships. Further, our investigators have gained experience from conducting thousands of interviews and interrogations for law enforcement and government agencies at the standards required to prosecute crimes in State and Federal Courts.

LCG’s investigative reach is extensive and we clearly understand the business sensitivities of the investigative process for our clients. When clients have an investigative concern, the bottom line is they need to know the facts in order to make the best business decisions.  LCG investigators are adept in developing and analyzing the facts so you can confidently make the best decision for your business.

Safety and Security

Businesses, schools and public agencies are responsible for the safety of their employees and those they serve. While there are many viewpoints on how to mitigate workplace violence, common practice may not be enough. Worse, the false perception of security can prove deadly. LCG’s security consulting experts are here to guide you to a safer workplace environment.