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We get it. You don't want to spend your budget just to find out if you have a problem. That's where our fixed-fee services come into play. We created these services so our Clients could get a handle on issues while at the same time knowing exactly what the cost will be. Once we identify the facts and circumstances, confident decisions can be made about risk, including spend and strategy. We offer fixed fee services for a variety of computer forensic and financial investigations.

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Fixed Fee Risk Assessments

Fixed Fee Computer Forensic Risk Assessment

Our Clients rely on the LCG Discovery Experts custom process that specifically targets the key areas of an electronic device to provide all of the facts you need to make sound decisions. After you receive our forensic risk assessment you will feel confident in your decision to shut down the investigation, dig a little deeper, or take necessary legal action. Best of all, we provide this service at a fixed cost.

Our Computer Forensic Risk Assessment Includes:

  • Analysis of data transfer activity
  • USB device analysis
  • Local/network activity analysis
  • Cloud activity analysis
  • Webmail analysis
  • Deletion analysis
  • Related internet activity analysis
  • Related employment activity analysis
  • Visual report (that is not a data dump)
  • Phone consult to walk you through the findings
  • Forensic imaging with two backups
  • Asset and chain of custody management
  • Performed and peer reviewed by testifying experts.

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Fixed Fee Fraud Risk Assessment

Our Fraud Risk Assessment process includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Preliminary Review of Financial Records
  • Indicia of Fraud
  • Preliminary Interviews
  • Summary of Findings
  • Proposed Investigative Plan
  • Anticipated Results
  • Cost Estimate

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