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LCG's foundational service is Cyber Investigation. For more than 10 years, we have led the industry with our top-tier computer forensics experts who hail from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. If the digital evidence exists, our experts will find it and present it better than anyone else, putting you in the best possible position. You cannot afford the risk of hiring sub-standard talent, but you can afford the best Team in the U.S.

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What Are Cyber Investigations?

Electronic information is relevant to nearly every aspect of work and life. Most people and businesses are not even aware of how and where electronic information is stored about their daily activities.

From the commute in your car, to the places you visit, to the financial transactions you make, to the communication you send via text and email, to the locations where you utilize your devices, to the information you decided to delete – all of these are repositories of information and activity that LCG uses to illustrate what has already occurred in the past. We connect the dots between all of these disparate sources of recorded electronic information to tell the story about who, what, when, where and how particular activities occurred.

Cyber Investigations requires a broad knowledge of computer forensics and other investigative tools, but more importantly it requires expert knowledge of how people utilize technology. Keeping pace with technological changes is an every day challenge, but human behavior is consistent. All experts at LCG are experienced criminal and civil investigators with law enforcement backgrounds, skilled at making the positive connection between the forensic record and human activity.