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Our employee screening services help avoid intellectual property theft and help ensure the highest degree of cyber security for your organization. LCG Discovery Experts work with companies to conduct in-depth cyber and fraud investigations identifying issues before they occur, mitigating current issues. As a turnkey cyber security investigation company, LCG Discovery Experts use the latest in technology and proven methodologies to aid in theĀ  avoidance of IP theft and exposure or misappropriation of your trade secrets and proprietary data.

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A Pervasive Problem in the Corporate World

Surveys have shown that 50 percent of all employees who leave their employment admit to taking confidential information with them when they leave. Approximately 40 percent of workers indicated that they planned to use that confidential information on behalf of their new employers. A wide range of personal, behavioral and organizational factors can play a role in determining whether a particular employee is likely to engage in the theft of intellectual property or confidential documents. At LCG Discovery Experts, we specialize in looking at the personal and the professional aspects of IP theft to identify the most likely culprits in your organization.

Enhanced Global Corporate Investigations

LCG Discovery Experts can perform comprehensive cyber forensic investigations that include digital forensic analysis and interviews with current employees. Insider data theft can cost your company a great deal more than money. Unauthorized disclosure of proprietary data and confidential financial information could strip away your company’s competitive edge and damage your reputation, making it more difficult to remain profitable. Our team of investigators can use the latest risk assessment tools and techniques to spot problems and deal with them before they become major issues for you and your company.

A Personalized Approach to Employee Screenings

Making sure your employees do not bring proprietary information with them into your company can help you avoid legal issues associated with these activities. At LCG Discovery Experts, we can provide you with incoming and outgoing employee screenings and digital forensic analysis to prevent issues with IP theft and misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information.

To learn more about the services we can provide for your company, call LCG Discovery Experts today at 855-524-9778. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company to create the most secure cyber environment for your confidential data.