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Thousands of business are impacted by fraud each year. Uncovering the fraud, who is responsible and the extent of the damage can be complex. Whether your business has been victimized by fraud or you have been wrongfully accused of it, you need LCG's investigative expertise at your side. Our financial experts are Certified Fraud Examiners who have been trained by the best, with prior careers in the IRS and ATF (Financial Investigative Services Division).

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The Value of Having Financial and Cyber Experts Under One Roof

Financial investigations require experts with highly specialized knowledge that is only gained through years of training and experience. Having the tools and skills to analyze financial records and bank statements is only part of the equation. Experience brings the ability to develop theories and attribute motive to allegations of financial misconduct. Our financial investigators utilize the same tools as federal government agents.

When you combine the expertise of LCG’s Financial Investigations team with the expertise of LCG’s Cyber Investigations team you get results that are second to none. Financial investigators have the ability to scour electronic records and communications with the assistance of computer forensic experts. Shared resources means BETTER results and BIG savings for our Clients.