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Financial fraud investigations encompass a wide range of activities that include embezzlement, skimming, misappropriation and other transactions that fail to comply with industry standards and legal requirements. LCG Discovery Experts is the premier cyber security investigation company with a proven reputation for results in our industry. We can help you identify issues with your cyber security measures to prevent further issues while delivering the most comprehensive investigative services for your specific case.

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Cyber Forensic Investigations vs. Forensic Accounting

At LCG Discovery Experts, we perform financial forensics investigations that look at all the technological devices in your corporate environment. We are usually called to investigate suspected or known cases of financial fraud or other malfeasance. Our digital forensic experts examine smartphones, computers and networks to find the evidence needed to prove fraud and financial misappropriation of corporate resources.

Forensic accounting, by contrast, can be used to provide general information about the financial transactions conducted by a particular company. These accounting practices can be used to prove due diligence and proper accounting for all financial assets and expenditures by the company.

Why Opt for Cyber Security Investigations?

While forensic accounting can provide your company with valuable information about your financial transactions, the cyber forensic investigations conducted by LCG Discovery Experts can identify evidentiary links that can be used to prove cases of financial fraud by establishing means and motive and tying the act to a specific individual or individuals. Our global corporate investigations team maintains the highest standards for chain of custody, allowing the evidence we collect to be used in legal proceedings against the guilty parties.

Our Approach to Cyber Security Investigations

The investigators at LCG Discovery Experts use the latest techniques and combine our comprehensive knowledge of modern computing systems and devices with our own experience in the investigative field. Our investigators come from law enforcement and military backgrounds and have an average of more than 25 years in the investigative field. We can deliver the right solutions for intellectual property theft and financial fraud investigations for your business needs.

If you need the best in cyber security investigations for your financial fraud cases, LCG Discovery Experts can provide the right solutions for your needs. Call us today at 855-524-9778 to discuss your case with us and to begin the process of ensuring greater cyber security for your organization.