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Forensics + Fixed Fee Cloud-based Hosting/Review = MAJOR CLIENT SAVINGS.  In traditional hosting/review environments the world revolves around document review. The more documents (data) ingested, the more money is made over time. We didn't like it any more than our Clients so we found a better solution: Instead of dumping everything into the hosting and review platform, we put the results of our forensic analysis there instead - an appropriately reduced data set means less cost up front and less data to sift through.

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Not Your Father’s (High Cost) Hosting & Review Service

Our solution is cutting-edge, cloud-based and extremely secure. Our Clients can access, search and review their data from anywhere in the world. We use this technology for three primary purposes:

  1. To present forensically recoverable files and email to Clients.
  2. To provide our Clients with an extremely cost effective way to use advanced technology for document review.
  3. To provide our Clients with practical and easy-to-use technology for case organization and trial preparation.

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Pay One Fixed Fee and Never Pay Again for Hosting

Through our strategic partnership with Nextpoint®, LCG is able to bring cloud-based hosting and review to our clients for an amazing value.

  • Pay one reasonable fee at time of processing and never pay again.
  • Keep the data online as long as you need.
  • Full-featured document review accessible from anywhere in the world.

The ROI only increases the longer you case is active.

Who Uses Our Cloud-Based Hosting and Review Services?

  • Multi-national Corporate Clients who conduct in-house review of files/email recovered during forensic analysis.
  • Corporate Clients who want overseas, in-house reviewers to conduct document review.
  • Law-firm Clients who do not have their own hosting/review platforms.
  • Law-firm Clients who need a platform to prepare for and use during trial.

Features and Services

  •  Process 1 terabyte of data in 24 hours
  •  DeNist
  •  Deduplication
  •  Full data processing
  •  Searching, tagging, and culling
  •  Advanced analytics and filtering
  •  Advanced data analytics and reporting
  •  Generate detailed client reports
  •  Filter by upload
  •  Filter by custodian
  •  Filter by company
  •  Filter by email thread or other types
  •  Processing reports
  •  Document splitting
  •  Text highlighting
  •  Email threading
  •  Redaction
  •  Relevancy coding
  •  Privilege coding
  •  Confidentiality coding and stamping
  •  Responsive issues
  •  Custom fields, tag
  •  Bulk edit
  •  Bulk tagging
  •  One click tagging
  •  Hot fields
  •  Boolean search queries
  •  Bates stamping
  •  Time keeping
  •  Duplicate identification
  •  File storage with version control
  •  Reviewer metrics
  •  Sub-review metrics
  •  User sub-review assignment
  •  User management and assignment controls
  •  Document sub-review assignment
  •  Automatic language detection
  •  Automatic file detection
  •  Import zip, email (PST, IMAP, mbox, LiveNote)
  •  Import PDF
  •  Import image files, text
  •  Import to/from case folder
  •  Import Office
  •  Import EnCase
  •  Import video
  •  Batch naming
  •  Batch warning/error reporting
  •  Export tiff, .dat, oll, lfp, dii
  •  Export to Summation, Concordance,
  •  Export to Trial Director
  •  Export log
  • Privilege detection
  •  Privilege log generation
  •  Auto OCR for redacted files
  •  Electronic data production (W.I.R.E.)
  • Export to Concordance, Relativity, Summation or .csv
  •  Email-based workflow for productions
  •  Secure, encrypted access controls
  •  Access productions from any browser
  •  Import depositions
  •  Import transcripts
  •  Deposition designation import
  •  OCR image generation
  •  PDF to TIFF conversion
  •  Electronic exhibit stamping
  •  Deposition objection and issue coding
  •  Video deposition syncing with transcripts
  •  Hyperlink depositions and documents
  •  Preloaded coding fields
  •  Image stamping
  •  Customizable label, issue, and tag fields
  •  Privilege log
  •  Document treatments
  •  Treatment export
  •  Built-in presentation tools (Theater)
  •  Built-in designation and video tools
  •  Create and annotate document call-outs
  •  Boolean search controls
  •  Automatic list generation
  •  Family document view
  •  Detailed statistics and reports
  •  Free exporting
  •  User administration