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Intellectual property theft can threaten your company’s ongoing profitability. The cyber security investigations team at LCG Discovery Experts can provide you with proactive approaches that can prevent trade secret fraud and misappropriation and can protect your copyrighted and patented materials against insider data theft and cyber intrusion. We specialize in global corporate investigations and can provide you with the most comprehensive help for mitigating data theft and preventing it in the future.

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Four Primary Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is usually classified into one of four categories:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets

Each of these types of information or branding tools can be used by competitors to your disadvantage. Making sure that your intellectual property is protected against unauthorized use can help you maintain increased profitability in the competitive marketplace.

Professional Cyber Forensic Investigations

As a leading cyber security investigation company, we can provide expert evidence collection and digital forensic analysis services for IP theft issues. Our e-discovery team can provide start-to-finish investigations for insider data theft. We maintain secure chain-of-custody protocols that allow our results to be presented in court proceedings and other legal hearings.

Proactive Approaches to Intellectual Property Theft

Because the investigators at LCG Discovery Experts have law enforcement and military investigators experience and an average of 15 years in the industry, they can provide you with the cyber forensic investigations you need to respond to current threats and to prevent future issues. We can often identify the responsible parties within your organization quickly, allowing you to take the proper legal steps to prevent further cyber intrusion and trade secret fraud or misappropriation. In many cases, we can spot problems before they occur and can point you in the right direction to head off these issues and resolve holes in your cyber security measures for improved protection in the future.

Deep Diving into Data Resources

Rather than just scratching the surface of your IP theft problem, LCG Discovery Experts will perform in-depth digital forensics to ensure the culprits are caught and brought to justice. We treat your systems like a crime scene and maintain strict standards of excellence and accuracy when locating the source of your problems.

If you are looking for the best response to intellectual property theft issues, call LCG Discovery Experts today at 855-524-9778. We look forward to the chance to work with you to build a more secure tomorrow.