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Restraining orders can be a valuable tool for your company in dealing with issues related to intellectual property theft and other malfeasance on the part of current or former employees. At LCG Discovery Experts, we can collect the evidence needed to support your application for a restraining order. As a leading cyber security investigation company, LCG Discovery Experts can provide you with the services you need to protect your proprietary information and intellectual property in today's technological environment and competitive marketplace.

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How Restraining Orders Work

Also known as injunctions, restraining orders are intended to prevent employees from accessing data or continuing criminal activity during cyber security investigations. During cyber forensics investigations, these court orders can be used to provide added time for your company to determine the scope of the problem and to begin any necessary legal actions. At LCG Discovery Experts, we can collect and deliver evidence with a clear and transparent chain of custody. Our meticulous approach to cyber security allows you to use the information we provide in court and in other legal proceedings.

The Value of a Restraining Order

In cases of intellectual property theft, restraining orders can protect your company against further disclosures or unauthorized access to your data. These court orders can be structured to prevent a number of actions, including the following:

  • Disclosing trade secrets or confidential data
  • Violating non-compete agreements
  • Entering your business premises
  • Accessing data resources belonging to your company
  • Disposing of evidence relevant to the investigation

The digital forensic analysis services offered by LCG Discovery Experts can provide you with the evidence needed to support your request for a restraining order. We perform comprehensive cyber security investigations that include all devices, computers and networks. Our approach to global corporate investigations allows you to enjoy the best protection for your company and your data in the cyber security industry.

At LCG Discovery Experts, we work with you to determine the right solutions for your current cyber security situation. Our team of e-discovery and digital forensics experts can deliver the evidence you need to prosecute wrongdoers. We can also provide you with professional guidance on resolving any security issues with your networks and systems, allowing you to prevent additional problems in the future. To learn more, call us at 855-524-9778. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.