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Robert Moore

Robert Moore

Managing Director, Global Risk Management

Bob is a seasoned international security executive with 37 years of integrated global risk management experience in three industry vertical sectors (oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, information technology). He has extensive experience building and leading diverse worldwide security and risk management teams.

Bob spent nearly 20 years with BP/Amoco’s Corporate Security Group. While there, he had multiple international assignments within Europe and Asia. Among them was his secondment to the Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) in Baku, Azerbaijan serving as the consortium’s Manager of Security and Political Risk. Following the consortium’s decision to construct a second early oil pipeline he accepted the position of VP and Managing Director of the Georgian Pipeline Company (GPC) based in Tblisi, Georgia. There he built a company of 100+ international employees dedicated to the construction and subsequent operation of the pipeline and storage/loading facilities. In his GPC leadership capacity, he routinely interacted directly with the former Georgian Head of State, Eduard Shevardnadze. This pipeline route currently exports one million barrels of oil daily to global markets.

From 1999-2007, Bob built and led the Global Security Group at Merck which had not previously invested in a worldwide security/risk management function. There, he focused on building a strong team of security/risk management professionals capable of supporting the company’s various business segments, global functions and diverse global markets. By the end of Bob’s tenure with Merck, he managed a team of 20 security professionals across four continents. Among the team’s priorities, in addition to managing risks to the company’s people, property/operations and intellectual property, was product security given the growing risks/threats of pharmaceutical product counterfeiting.

From 2007-2017, Bob led the development of Global Security Services at Hewlett Packard. Under his leadership, the global security function became a diverse and integrated international risk management organization consisting of 200+ security, environment, health & safety, corporate aviation and global resiliency professionals. The integration of these four functional pillars into a harmonized risk management organization was unique, at the time, among large multi- national companies. Bob consistently delivered cost and worldwide organizational efficiencies while managing a $150M budget.

Bob’s balanced and diverse experience as a global risk management strategist, organizational architect and senior executive within three Fortune 15 multi-national companies has positioned him as both a strategic and opertional consultative resource and advisor to multi-national companies, business and risk management executives and investors. His core focus is finding relational risk management solutions while aligning both human and capital resources with risk in the contemporary and ever-competitive world of international business.