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Expertise is Earned

Build a successful case with LCG’s battle-tested team of law-enforcement experts

Protecting our Clients is so important to us we memorialized it in our Mission Statement. LCG delivers unmatched value by offering a comprehensive suite of investigative services. Why? Because we know that, in today’s complex world, you can’t solve complex problems with a limited skill set. So, whether it’s fraud, trade secret misappropriation or employee misconduct we’ve got you covered.

Watch: CEO, Ken Tisdel talk about what makes LCG Discovery Experts different.

Clients benefit from a team of skilled, former law enforcement investigation experts.
Keep LCG Discovery Experts on speed dial for when a case or business is on the line.

Fixed Fee Risk Assessments

Are you suspicious of misconduct but don’t know where to start?

We provide fixed cost risk assessments for investigations requiring computer forensic analysis, financial assessment, security assessment and a variety of other matters.

  • Low Fixed Fee
  • Fast turn around
  • Expert Advice On Next Steps

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