Kris Carlson

Chief Operations Officer

Kris, currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer of LCG, LLC, boasts an impressive 26-year career in civil and criminal investigations, digital forensics, and high-tech computer and Internet investigations. As the COO,  Kris is entrusted with the oversight of all operations, security, personnel, and project management within LCG’s facilities and teams, a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience.

Before transitioning to civil work, Kris served as a law enforcement officer. Starting in 1999, he joined the Northern New England Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), one of the first 10 ICAC task forces established by the United States Department of Justice. During his tenure with ICAC, Kris underwent extensive training, including computer forensics, undercover operations, and complex technical investigations. He was subsequently promoted to Detective, where he served with the county-wide Special Victims Unit (SVU) task force in the state’s largest county. In this role, he led investigations into sexually based offenses, sexually motivated homicide, serious child abuse, and child fatalities. Kris advanced to the position of Detective Sergeant and assumed the role of Director of the SVU, overseeing all operations and investigations. Additionally, he became a supervisor for the statewide Vermont ICAC task force. Later, as Detective Lieutenant, Kris resumed his role as Director of the SVU and was appointed Vermont ICAC Commander, assuming full operational oversight of the statewide task force and its affiliates for over six years.

Kris was a primary instructor for the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Counsel for over 13 years and was a trainer for the national ICAC Technical Assistance and Training Program as well as numerous national programs. Kris has presented to and has trained thousands of law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and civilian support staff across the United States and in Canada on the topics of technical investigations, sexual assault/abuse investigations, interview and interrogation, and mental health wellness and has testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee regarding ICAC task force operations.   He is one of the founding members of and currently a primary presenter for the SHIFT (Supporting Heroes in Mental Health Foundational Training) focused on the wellness of those exposed to traumatic materials.