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Founded in 2008, LCG Discovery Experts operates across the greater Houston area and throughout the United States. As a leading digital forensics company, we are renowned for our high-tech investigative capabilities and complex problem-solving. We serve some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms and corporations. Our highly skilled team brings together over 200 years of combined experience from government, law enforcement, military, and civilian sectors, offering a broad range of technical expertise.

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LCG Team

  • RKenneth Tisdel – CEO, Consulting Expert, Former Testifying Expert/ Cyber Security
  • RKris Carlson – Chief Operations Officer, Consulting Expert, Former Testifying Expert
  • RMatt Cooper – Director, Investigations Expert, Corporate Investigations
  • RC. Gene McClain - Director of Forensic Services, Testifying Expert
  • RShari Onda - Analyst II
  • RAbigail Tisdel - Analyst I
  • RRochelle Morraquin - Analyst I
  • RLarry Jones – Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RMike Baute – Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RDaniel Sackle-Mensah – Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RMichael Saunders – Financial/Fraud, Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RPete McGovern – Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RKerin Eberle Farrell - Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert
  • RErik Barlow-Forensic Investigator/Testifying Expert

LCG Vision

LCG Mission

When risk demands action, LCG will be the first option, every time.

We protect our Clients during times of uncertainty by finding the right answers and guiding them to the best possible outcomes.

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Digital Forensics Services FAQ

What services do we offer?
We provide comprehensive digital forensics services, including risk management, cybercrime investigations, eDiscovery, and expert witness testimony.
How can we enhance your company's cybersecurity?
By conducting thorough digital forensics investigations and risk assessments, we help strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and improve your response to incidents.
What industries do we specialize in?
We have extensive experience working with various industries, including legal, corporate, law enforcement, and government sectors.
How long have we been in the digital forensics field?
We have been providing specialized services since 2008, bringing years of expertise to each engagement.
What makes us different from other digital forensics firms?
We stand out due to our expert team, advanced technological tools, and client-centric approach that ensures tailored solutions for every partner.
Do we offer services internationally?
Yes, we offer global services, utilizing our extensive network of professionals to support international clients and cases.
What is the process of initiating a partnership with us?
To begin a partnership, contact us directly to discuss your needs and how our services can align with your objectives. A personalized strategy will be developed from there.
Do we offer training programs?
Yes, we provide various training programs to help organizations enhance their internal capabilities in managing and responding to digital security issues.
How do we ensure confidentiality and data protection?
We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols and use advanced security measures to protect all client data throughout the forensic process.
Who can you contact for more information about partnering with us?
You can reach out via our website’s contact page or directly call our office to speak with a representative who can provide detailed information and guide you through the consultation process.