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We strive to keep our Clients out of unnecessary or prolonged litigation by finding the strongest evidence early-on. However, when litigation is necessary, we stand ready with state-of-the art technology to assist you. In addition, when you are facing a catastrophic event, know that LCG has your back with unmatched experience in addressing unique issues that accompany such events.

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Fixed-Fee Cloud-Based Hosting and Review

We utilize secure, cloud-based technology to present data to our Clients and also offer the ability for our Clients to search and review the data in a format attorneys are accustomed to. If you are a small or mid-sized firm, or a company needed these services, allow LCG the opportunity to bring you unmatched value with our computer forensics, hosting and review services.

E-Discovery in Catastrophic Incidents

We call attention to this unique circumstance because catastrophic incidents are serious. They often signify the untimely death of one or more people, serious property or environmental damage, or both. They always result in inquiries or investigations by government agencies, which increases the likelihood of criminal charges. Let our experience work for you in a time of crisis.