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Experience is Everything

Expertise is not earned overnight. LCG’s testifying experts average 20 years experience and all have backgrounds in law enforcement including leadership experience at local, state and federal agencies, including the military.

When your business or your case is on the line, you need someone with a proven track record and credibility. Our experts are not intimidated by the Court room, rather, we thrive in it. We make it easy for corporate executives, attorneys, judges and juries to understand complex findings.

Our experts are leaders and will guide the investigation to conclusion with the aid of our state-of-the-art forensic tools, lab and full suite of investigative services as needed, while keeping cost under control and our Clients in the driver’s seat.

LCG has you covered, whether your case involves computer forensics, cyber investigations, trade secret misappropriation, fraud or other financial crimes.

Who Do We Provide Expert Witness Testimony For?

  • Plaintiffs
  • Defendants
  • As Court-appointed or agreed-upon Neutrals